Jill Denton, Sex Therapist

Specially trained to help you increase intimacy and desire


Since 1978 Jill has practiced psychotherapy up and down the Central Coast of California: in Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara and Monterey counties. She is now based in Los Osos, near San Luis Obispo. You can reach her at 805-534-1101 or TEXT her.

Is your sex life difficult, confusing or out of control? Do you and your partner experience different levels of desire? Therapy can help.

Individuals and couples who come to my office or work with me by phone have numerous concerns and questions about sexuality. I provide education, openness, and enthusiastic encouragement as we explore your hopes, dreams and desires and the things that may be getting in the way of your having a healthy and fulfilling sex life.

Do you feel a bit awkward seeking help about sex and intimacy? We've all been brought up to think it's not polite to talk about intimate things, and so at first it can be embarassing and difficult. Most people find me easier to talk to than they expect. You'll find that I'm non-judgmental - after 30 years helping clients expand their sexual repertoire, there is nothing that shocks me anymore!

My services are of course entirely private and completely confidential, so I would never disclose real stories of clients' lives, but here are some typical reasons people seek me out:

'For me sex has always been too much or too little - I binge then purge, over-indulging and then depriving myself in an attempt to get back in control of my compulsive behavior. If I don't get some kind of a handle on it I'll lose everything.'

'I'm approaching 30 years old and I'm still a virgin - embarassed, ashamed and unsure of how to push past my inhibitions and fears.' More

I hope you enjoy exploring this website. Please call me to talk about how I might be of help to you or your loved ones. 805-534-1101 or TEXT me.

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